Ginger, in all forms, is a welcome addition in the winter months. Not only does it help warm the body, it also aids in thinking thick mucus, soothing upset stomachs, and aiding in digestion. 

While fresh ginger is more potent, ground, candied and dried ginger works just as well. To aid upset stomachs, add a pinch of ginger in 7-up or Sprite. Sprinkle it in your favorite teas or add it into your coffee with ground cinnamon, or sautee it in your favorite dish or soup. 

You don’t need a lot of this wonderful herb to reap its benefits! 

These benefits can be passed through mother’s milk for nursing mom’s and can be given in cookie form to young children. Reserve candied ginger for older children, and introduce it in small amounts, as too much may cause an upset stomach.