About Me

funcoffeeselfieAbout 6 years ago after a rough winter with sick kids, I decided to start studying natural remedies to see what I could do to help my family.  Ideally, my hope was to prevent the bugs in the first place, but I was comfortable with settling on how to help them through the bugs without always running to the doctors.

I started simply with websites I felt I could relate to, Mom’s who have done this before, and began using some of their kid-safe remedies. Much to my delight, they worked! After a few years I had a handful of resources and herbs that I was comfortable with using when everyone got sick, but it wasn’t enough. So after a lot of research I decided to become a Family Herbalist. I wanted to learn how to help my family not get sick and help them through an illness if they caught it.

As my studies continued my passion grew to expecting mothers and babies and to children of all ages. After three years I became certified as a Family Herbalist. Now I am working on my master certification of Clinical Herbalism. I greatly enjoy working with families and sharing my knowledge with them.

My wish for this site is for it to become a safe place where Moms, in all stages of motherhood, can come and seek advice knowing that the remedies are safe for them, their children, and their babies-to-be. I hope in the future to sell natural products in all forms to help your family and mine.