Will antibiotics help my cold?

The following is a post from the Franklin Institute of Wellness. I have posted it here for informational purposes. Please note that we, I, understand that there are times in which bronchitis, or a sinus infection, or a cold, can be bacterial. We sometimes call this “piggy-backing.” It is when a bacterial infection piggy-backs onto a virus. The information below is not to say that you should not use antibiotics, but to create a pause in our first gut reaction of grabbing an antibiotic. Please make the best decision for you and your family.


Antibiotics are often used to treat viral infections such as the flu, common cold, and bronchitis. In fact, a recent study found that 80% of bronchitis cases result in an antibiotic prescription, despite repeated educational programs to teach doctors about effective ways to manage bronchitis. Not only does antibiotic misuse lead to the risky side effects and potential reactions, it does nothing to treat a viral infection, nothing to reduce the symptoms, and nothing to protect those around you from getting sick–in fact, some studies indicate it could even worsen a viral condition! It also leads to the increased risk of resistance, which is something that affects all of us.
Here are some tips to help avoid unnecessary antibiotics:


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