Vitamin A

I don’t think anyone ever likes being sick. During winter months one of the things I keep in abundance are items that contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A is wonderful during winter months because it plays a key role in helping the immune system function.

Vitman A can be found in abundance in liver. Beef and chicken liver is readily available in stores and can be blended up with a few tablespoons of butter for a homemade pate. A couple of tablespoons a day is all you need! Although, the liver is a detoxification organ, so caution should be undertaken when eating large amounts of liver.

If liver isn’t up your alley, carotene is a precursor for Vitamin A, making it a safer alternative to liver as it doesn’t build up in the body. Sweet potatoes with peels, mangos, apricots, pumpkins, carrots, dark greens, bell peppers, butter, fatty fish such as salmon, and cod liver oil are all rich in vitamin A and easy to incorporate into any meal.  Fresh or dried mangos or apricots is a great way to get this vitamin into little kids who don’t like to eat when they are sick.

Nordic Naturals makes cod liver oil in multiple flavors for adults and kids! If you don’t like  the taste, Nordic Naturals makes a kids version for children 2+ called Nordic Omega-3 Gummies! These gummies happen to be our favorite as they are rolled in a little bit of organic sugar provides a fun texture, and most importantly, they do not taste fishy! Nordic Naturals can be purchased at any health food store or online at

Dosing isn’t necessary with this vitamin when consumed as a food.  If taking a supplement, follow the directions on the package.

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