Digesting Essential Oils

Ingesting essential oils is such a touchy subject. There are people who are strongly for it and those that are vehemently opposed. Then you have those who say everyone, including our babies, should be ingesting them and spouting reasons why. Just to make it even more fun you have the makers of oils jumping into the mix saying why you should use their product and how you should be using it.

I don’t know about you, but all these opinions and facts makes my head spin and I am left with more questions than answers. How do I know if it is safe to have my infant, or child, or even myself take these oils internally? If I do decide to try it, am I doing it right? What happens if my child accidently overdoses?

Regain your balance with an evidence-based approach to essential oils with a FREE webinar provided by Jessie Hawkins. This free webinar is about an hour long and starts Nov. 2nd at 11am central time. It will help demystify the hype and controversy surrounding essential oils. To learn more about the webinar simply click here.  If you are interested, but unable to attend, I will be providing an overview of the webinar Friday, Nov 4th and answering any questions you may have.

My hope is that this webinar will help ease the tension behind essential oils.





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